Alison K. Hall

I am a Web Designer, Web Developer.

Hi! Welcome to my portfolio website!

While I am still in school at Humber College, I can freelance on smaller projects. I am also currently looking for summer employment. If you're interested in contacting me, please email me at

Architrave Design

Toronto architect website


Project Details:

I worked closely with my client to plan and redesign his company website. The previous website was not responsive, had unclear navigation, and was not current for today's technology. The new website shows off the project photos and has a modern feel. Once the design was finalized, I built the website using HTML and SCSS.


The following are the mockups that I started creating before we decided to change direction. This was so that the lower quality photos didn't stand out as much while still taking advantage of the higher quality photos.

Final Product:

Once we changed the idea behind the website's layout, these were the mockups that were created.

Final Website:

Click the thumbnail image below to go to the live website.

Restaurant Design

Restaurant website design


Project Details:

For this project, I was to research restaurant websites and go through the full process to design a website for a fictitional restaurant.


These are the sketches I drew to show the layout of the website I was designing.


I created the wireframes in Adobe Illustrator, based on the sketches that I drew.


These are the final mockups that I created for the restaurant.

Bio Typography

Personal bio with responsive typography


Project Details:

The objective of this project was to build an HTML document that maintained type relationships while adjusting to viewport sizes. I was to utilize 3 font families and variations and only 2 colours.


This is the finished product.


Design an app for the Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA)


Project Details:

The TSSA came to our class to present a background on who they are and the type of mobile app they required. From that presentation, we determined that the main goals of the app were to help educate users about CO safety in their homes, to help build beneficial habits, to entertain, educate, have sustained engagement with the users, and to drive the users to the website. Based on these objectives, with a partner, we were to create a design for their mobile application which met their goals.


These are the wireframes that we created, which were used for usability testing.


After receiving feedback from the usability testing, we modified the design to improve the clarity of navigation. These are the app mockups that we created.

Final Website:

At the end of the project, we presented our design solution to the TSSA. Following are the Invision Mockups which we used to demonstrate how the app would work.

Journal Design

Responsive Website Design Project


Project Details:

The objective of this project was to create the design for a responsive website. The website could be for any topic, but had to be at least 3 pages long. I decided to make the design for a journal web app.


I created two Moodboards, and chose to use the first one because it fit my image of the journal.


I created responsive wireframes for 3 pages to help show how the website would look at various sizes (desktop, tablet, and mobile).


The following are the mockups I created based on the wireframes and moodboard.

Final Product:

After feedback on the mockups, a few minor changes were made for the final design.

Journal Website

Creating a journal site using live data


Project Details:

Using cloud services, the objective was to save data to the cloud, query (search) it, and connect multiple databases with pointers and relations. With this, my site would rely on live data. I chose to make a journal site where users could register, log in, create multiple journals, entries for those journals, and edit the entries.

Final Website:

Click on the thumbnail image below to see the website that I developed. Register an account to access your journals.

Further Work:

I decided to enhance the journal by adding more features. Although this remains a work in progress, I am able to use it for my own purposes.

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